Socially Driven Work


During my project with Vistaprint India, I came up with the idea of the brand supporting a charitable cause that I had been researching.

PROWL, which stands for Preservation Of Wild Landscapes, is a non-profit based in India which aims to protect tigers and other wildlife in the country. The organization was formed by Hans Dalal, a sound-engineer by profession who fell in love with the big beasts and decided to dedicate his life to saving them. You can check out his story here. I was part of the team that helped produce the video as well.

I subsequently organized a fundraiser for his organization, details of which are here.


Growing up in a megacity like Mumbai and a country as vast as India it’s not hard to notice the need for people to be involved in social good. As a part-time musician, I was always on the lookout for the chance to link music and a socially relevant cause.

I remain a member of The Bandstand Cultural Society in Mumbai. Our aim is pretty simple – we want to bring free live music to the existing public spaces in the city. India, being a multi-lingual country, is often culturally prone to segregation, in that people tend to consume news and media in their language of preference. Through the Bandstand Cultural Society, we wanted to bridge the gap between audiences from different social and economic backgrounds. The mantra is fairly simple – the love for music needs no language.

Here’s some more information on the work I did with the society.