Writing Work

Social Media

As a social media user myself, I have a deep understanding of the nature and scope of a brand’s online presence. The instantaneous nature of social media and a user’s lack of attention both pose serious challenges to brands looking to generate interest in their product or service. The true key is the ability to capture a user’s imagination.

Here’sĀ a look at my project with Vistaprint India

Content Writing

As a content writer, my aim is to put the client’s thoughts into coherent words. I have worked across a number of different industries with clients who want different things. The one constant, however, is the need for good quality writing to help them portray what they want to say.

My process involves getting to know the client one-on-one and trying to understand the motivation behind wanting something written. Once that is done, I find it is easier to produce high quality material that the client will be proud of publishing.

An example of my work with a packaging manufacturer can be foundĀ here.


Published Articles

As a relatively new resident in New York City, I decided to write contributor articles for Untapped Cities (untappedcities.com). These pieces are about interesting things in the city and are also sometimes simply informational pieces used to educate citizens on changes or new improvements made in our gigantic urban space.

A couple of published articles are linked here:

A piece on The Modern Art Foundry – a family owned foundry where art is molded in metal.

An informational piece on the November 7 changes made to the N, Q, R & W Trains of the New York City Subway.